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Referring Physicians

Why Refer?

Like you, caring for patients and their vision is our priority! Dr. Charles Shidlofsky has the training and technology to practice the fullest scope of optometry. As a result, many doctors like you, including optometrists & ophthalmologists, primary care providers, pediatricians, and other professionals, refer their medical and specialty cases to our practice.

Doctors commonly refer patients to our practice for specialty care, including:

Vision Therapy & Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation
  • Binocular Dysfunctions, Learning Related Vision Problems, Strabismus and Amblyopia, Developmental Vision
  • Brain Injury
Myopia Control & Orthokeratology for children
Orthokeratology for adults (myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopic multifocal ortho-k)
Specialty Contact Lens Fittings for Keratoconus & Other Corneal Irregularities

Scleral lenses have grown in popularity to treat corneal irregularities, but finding an optometrist who specializes in fitting them is still a challenge. Our eye doctor, , combines years of experience with the latest in corneal topography to accurately fit any hard-to-fit contact lens patient with a pair of scleral lenses that bring immediate & satisfactory results. Connect your patients with an eye doctor who cares about the health & vision of every patient ensuring they receive the attention they deserve.

Prosthetic Contact Lenses (Custom cosmetic lenses)

Patients who have suffered an eye injury can benefit from custom tinted, printed or painted contact lenses that are used to improve the appearance of a disfigured eye. We can also utilize these lenses to help correct the vision of a poorly functioning eye.

Diagnostic Instruments: OCT, Optomap, VEP, BIO, Visual Fields, Topographer, Pachymeter, etc.

To refer your patient for expert care, you may:

Call us directly at

Request a call from a technician or the doctor

Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas – Your First Choice For Referrals

We treat all patients with the same respect and compassion we would seek for our own family members. A comprehensive referral report of our findings and treatment plan will be sent to you promptly. Rest assured that our mutual patients will be directed back to you for their primary care needs.

To learn more about the experience and services we provide to patients, we can provide a short presentation by our eye doctor. We will do our best to accommodate your office, and most discussions are scheduled during your staff meeting or lunch hour.

Dr.Charles Shidlofsky

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