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I have seen so much improvement in my daughter…


We were trying patching at home for quite some time and it did not show as much improvement in Sifat. She did not like reading, had a few behavioral issues. I was learning about her amblyopia and then on Facebook, I found about Dr. S. Our therapist, Ronit has worked so hard with Sifat and kept finding different activities if she did not like any. I have seen so much improvement in my daughter. She loves to read and gets less irritated over things. Thank you all for that you did!! (more…)

- JS, June 2020

I am tremendously better!


I had a TBI in 2009 from a very serious automobile accident. I lived until 2018 without finding someone who could help with my headaches, light sensitivity, and dizziness. After getting some feedback from UT Southwestern a made an appointment. I live in Mansfield TX so it’s a little drive....especially since driving causes more dizziness. It’s been soooo Worth it! I am tremendously better! Dr Barry has been amazing. She has also helped my daughter with some visual processing challenges. I want thank this office for taking the time to help people who “look fine on the outside” and caring enough to study such an important medical dilemma (concussions and what it does to the visual processing part of your brain). God Bless Dr Barry and the team!

- Jennifer B, Google 2019

Definitely one of our most positive experiences!


All of the staff were friendly, willing to listen attentively, helpful, informative, and supportive. I’ve talked to a lot of therapists and doctors over the years for my kids - some were more positive experiences than others - this was definitely one of our most positive experiences!

- Jennifer H, Google 2019

Exceptional care


Exceptional care and they treat you as an individual. Highly recommend.

- Linda J, Google 2019

Feeling very positive!


Dr Shidlofsky and his staff were professional and absolutely SO patient and helpful, answering my questions about how my injuries impacted my vision. Clearly Dr Shidlofsky is at the top of his field, but he was also able to explain in layman’s terms my situation, which is really important. I wish I’d found them sooner, but I kept thinking my vision would correct itself with time, which hasn’t happened. Feeling very positive!

- Susan B, Google 2019

We have hope finally


Dr. Shidlofsky gave my husband new corrective lenses for the damage left from a stroke. We have hope finally that what vision he has will be clear. Thank you Dr. Shidlofsky!

- Alison B, Google 2019

Awesome experience, you will feel like family


Awesome experience. You will feel like family every time you have an appointment. There is no one else to trust your vision health with. Love and trust Dr. Shidlofsky!

- Jan VB, Google 2019

Therapy has improved my focus and confidence…


After putting this off for several years, I'm so glad I finally did this. Therapy has improved my focus and confidence and movement. Much more clarity and driving and dealing with everyday life. (more…)

- Judy -  June 16, 2020

I really enjoyed vision therapy…


I really enjoyed vision therapy. At first, I wasn't sure how much was going to help, but as time passed each session was more helpful. (more…)

- Diane R., January 2020

The therapy has been beneficial in many ways…


The therapy has been beneficial in many ways. It means, physically tossing and catching the bean bag, using only head movement and only eye movement.  Use of the TV For eye teaming by bringing two separate images together by teaming movement. Standing, & looking at opposing lists, or letters read to the speed of a metronome. Following a swingball in different directions and touching the ball with palms and fingertips. Swinging the ball around behind head and catch it when it comes around in front.

Has been very helpful and I appreciate all of her Thank you so much. (more…)

- JS, June 9, 2020

I loved vision therapy with Ronit…


I loved vision therapy with Ronit! It was difficult at times and definitely an adjustment, but I've really noticed a difference in my day-to-day life. I'm more conscious of how my eyes are working together with my brain. My eyes aren't getting so sore and fatigued, and I don't find myself complaining about my vision during school or at work anymore. Vision therapy has definitely made a positive difference! (more…)

- GK, January 2020

I’m truly amazed at what doctor Berry’s practice has done for me…


After my brain injury, I  lost some vision and my ability to drive. At first, I was a little skeptical that my vision could be restored. However, Dr. Berry, Ronit, and the friendly team did a full workup and put together a vision therapy plan for me. After a year of diligent hard work and therapy, my peripheral vision was restored and my eyesight now meets the legal requirement to be able to drive in the state of Texas. I'm truly amazed at what doctor Berry’s practice has done for me. (more…)

- JM, January 2019

I had issues with a type of dizziness caused by stroke…


Prior to starting this therapy, I had issues with a type of dizziness caused by stroke. The therapy sessions gave me multiple exercises that didn't take a lot of time but were done daily. Some worked better than others but there was Improvement. The biggest help was putting on binasal occlusion strip on my glasses and continuing therapy. We are going to keep doing the therapy over the next few months.  Doctor S, Ronit, and staff have always had my best interest in mind, and have gone over and above to try to help improve my business. I'm grateful for that. (more…)

- CS, November 2019

My experience with eye therapy has been amazing…


My experience with eye therapy has been amazing. My therapist, Ronit, was awesome and patient. She has helped me to understand vision and brain teaming. Vision therapy has helped me so much, with balance reading and understanding. I would definitely recommend eye therapy and the staff in neuro-vision. (more…)

- LS, 2018

Vision therapy has made me a faster reader…


Vision therapy has made me a faster reader. Now I can read a whole chapter book in under one day. It is also helped me with sports like baseball and karate. It has also helped my balance and aim. Vision therapy has helped my eyes most of all. (more…)


Ronit is a gem and so encouraging…


When Ellie started vision therapy, she was stuck a second-grade readers at 9.5 years old. Her testing showed that her visual tracking was all over the place. To quote her” a page of words look like a bunch of letters floating all over the page and made no sense.” After 6 months of vision therapy, she states she now identifies words and sentences! She says it helps with reading and understanding words and language. Before the letters waved around and now she can focus in on what she is reading and comprehend while reading. Also, her eyes aren't tired anymore! Her favorite part of vision therapy was using the Marsden ball! Ronit is a gem and so encouraging! we feel so blessed and excited about the growth to come! (more…)

- GS, July 2018

My vision therapist Ronit helped me so much to return to society…


Over to 2 year span, my vision therapist Ronit helped me so much to return to society. She gave me activities to make me see better and focus on my head movements and vertigo. Also very creative with all my theories and tools that I now use on a daily basis without thinking about it. (more…)

- NW, February 2018

I got rid of my headaches and dizziness…


When I began vision therapy 12 weeks ago, I was not sure what to expect. To my present surprise, working with Ronit has greatly improved my ability to focus,  correct double vision and got rid of my headaches and dizziness. I am very happy with my results. (more…)

- CR, December 2019

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