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Nutrition and Vision

nutrition american woman pear apple greenMany functional and organic vision problems can be associated with a deficiency in nutrition.  As part of our evaluation process, we will be glad to discuss options as it relates to improving your overall vision health with nutritional support.

Nutrition Support for Vision Problems

The nutritional program we recommend is based on genetics.  Every individual has a unique genetic makeup.  In addition, the environment, foods we eat, medications we take and other variables can over the long term affect your genetics.  The Genomix Nutrition Test looks at these variables and determines what foods you can eat and what foods you should avoid.  In addition, by looking at the genetics, it allows us to recommend nutrients to supplement based on your methylation cycle which repairs DNA.

In addition, our office recommends products from the following companies.  Click on the links below to purchase these products directly from their websites:

Sleep Improvement and Stress Reduction