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I was refered to this practice by both my eye doctor and back surgeon after an airplane accident that caused my left eye to be slow to focus and track with the right eye. It caused difficulty reading, walking and I did not feel safe driving. Tests were done and a six month program was designed for me. I was then tested again and we decided on another three months of therapy. Now my eyes work like they need to and I am back to all my regular activities.
2 weeks ago
- Elena A.
I hv never had so many different tests at an eye doctors. Your concern and genuine effort to find what the problem is very much appreciated. I feel very lucky to be in your care. Thanks so much!!!
2 weeks ago
- Carole G.
My son had lazy eye (Amblyopia )and almost had permanent vision loss because it was discovered really late at age 12. These doctors gave him correctIve lenses and he is now 20:20 in that same right eye. His vision has been completely restored ! This is a miracle and I am so grateful. The staff is still very friendly. Doctor McClearly has a wonderful demeanor that puts patients at ease. We felt very fortunate to have him during our visit 3 years ago.
3 weeks ago
- M L.
Dr S , his staff, and his interns have been treating me for a few years. Always knowledable and helpful - and willing to listen to what i have to say.
3 months ago
- Dorothy B.
If you are referred to Dr Shidlofsky, then rest assured that you are in good hands. He and his team listen carefully and take the time to figure out what is really going on with your vision. What a relief to find the help I need!
3 months ago
- david b.
Going to Neuro Vision Associates saved my Vision in so many ways! The staff was excellent from the very beginning to the very end they helped me and every shape form and fashion. Through all the testing and then even to John and helping me with picking out the frames everyone was spot-on excellent excellent staff Dr.. Barry is an excellent Went today for follow-up for dry eyes and I am so glad. After some testing and treatment I am feeling SO much better!! Don't be miserable, let these guys help you get your Vision back!! It can be done!! So worth it!!
3 months ago
- Freda L.
My son is under the care of Dr. S and Dr. K here. His basic sight and depth perception have improved. They are kind and patient. They also do an excellent job of explaining matters in laymen’s terms. My son has avoided wearing a patch by participating in vision therapy and I’m thrilled. Just thrilled!!!
4 months ago
- Audrey G.