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Ronit Firman COVT

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Lead Vision Therapist

Ronit was born in Israel, and after her military service moved to Italy, where she graduated optometry school.

She worked as an optometrist in both Italy and Israel before moving to the USA, where she joined the office of Dr. Shidlofsky 12 years ago.  Initially, Ronit worked as an optometric technician but soon after, transitioned to a vision therapist, as well as an assistant during TBI vision screenings. Currently she is the lead vision therapist.

Ronit received her International Fellowship in Vision Rehabilitation (FCOVD-I) and her certification as Vision Therapist (COVT) from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development in 2015 and completed the well respected Sanet's Vision Therapy classes in 2018. currently, she is working on your fellowship in neuro optometry rehabilitation (FNORA).

As a vision therapist, she brings a unique combination of many years experience as an optometrist merged with her VT  knowledge. Ronit guides each of her patients to reach their visual goals in an enjoyable, novel, and fun way, utilizing compassion and encouragement.

With therapy, her patients have noticed improvements such as visual clarity and comfort, ease and independence with academics, better eye-hand coordination, and improved 3D.

Ronit is happily married with two amazing grown kids, two dogs, and a bird.

In her free time, Ronit enjoys enriching her education in the world of optometry, traveling, visiting art museums, learning new culinary skills, and playing the piano.

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