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Visual Snow Initiative – Treatment Series

Meet Dr Shidlofsky

Dr Charles Shidlofsky is a neuro developmental optometrist, located in Plano, TX, and for over 32 years has helped patients with autism, ADHD, strabismus or amblyopia, or any neuro developmental issue. Even post traumatic brain injury or stroke come to his office for rehabilitation to redevelop lost visual skills.

For years, patients came to his office with complaints of Visual Snow, a diagnosis typically determined by other practitioners, without any guidance for treatment. At Dr Shidlofsky’s office, they have successfully brought patients recover from their visual problems.

Michael Neustifter's Story

Michael is a college baseball player of North Greenville University, developed Visual Snow symptoms suddenly at age 21 in early 2019. After struggling with Visual Snow symptoms for several months, visiting numerous doctors, he discovered Dr Shidlofsky from a recommendation by his family doctor. Prior to his therapy with Dr S, Michael had terrible symptoms from Visual Snow. Today, his vision has restored completely without any symptoms.

“Just keep hope. There are doctors out there who can help.” – Michael

About Therapy for VSS

Aside from physical problems, Michael was also emotionally affected especially as a college baseball player. Michael reported his vision was static-y, trying to look through now. Dr Shidlofsky used passive therapies like tints, glasses, and therapeutic lenses to alleviate symptoms to change the brain – not the eyes. Active therapies are used to reeducate the visual symptoms. In about 4 sessions, Michael already started to notice change and advancement. Towards the end, Dr. S even was able to work with Michael on his baseball skills as well.

About VSS Treatments & Therapies

Low tech approaches: Using eye charts & tracking activities can be very effective, even tossing a ball with strobe light glasses. There’s a wide variety of low tech activities to enhance skills.

High tech approaches: The greatest tools to enhance peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination, and visual space. Binovi Touch has a tactile touch to build these skills & improve speed reaction, too. We also have a Senaptec sensory station, (originally designed by Nike) which can test multiple vision skills and judge a patient skills like Michael’s & compare it to other athletes. We also have RightEye, NeuroTracker, and other high tech instruments as part of our therapy.